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Operating Your E-Bike

Follow the instructions below to operate your E-Bike. 



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On the left hand side of your bike frame you will see a rubber cover. Open that and press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds. 

The other hole above the power button is your recharging port. 


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Next you need to press and hold the "i" button on the lefthand bike handle. This will turn on the LCD display in the center of the handle bars. *Note, if the screen doesn't come on go back to step one and press and hold the power button slightly longer. 



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Once the screen is on you will see a number of different numbers. The number in the top right corner defaults to 2. This is your pedal assist power level. Power levels range from 0 to 5, with 5 giving you the most pedal assist and 0 giving you none. To increase or decrease the pedal assist, press the plus or minus button located on the left handlebar controller. The large number in the middle is your speed indicator. 


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On the right handle bar is an accelerator lever which automatically turns on the electric motor without the need to pedal. There is also a 7 speed gear selector built into the handlebar to adjust your pedal resistance. 

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